Sen-X / Steambow

Steambow GmbH was founded by Gerald Missbach, a veteran of the financial and banking industries with a fascination for archery, and Harald Jursitzky, who worked in mechanical engineering, manufacturing and technology sectors throughout his career.

After many years in the financial industry, Missbach left to start his own archery company.  Pretty soon he found out that he needed a strong partner to have any chance of surviving as a manufacturer in the cut throat world of the archery industry. He found an ideal companion in Jursitzky and his contract manufacturing company “BEB Industries”, in which he was the managing director.

Together they founded “Steambow GmbH”.

Today Steambow is a young and energetic company that found the perfect partner in Air Venturi.  Air Venturi’s unparalleled expertise of precharged pneumatic airguns and “everything air” makes them ideal to bring Steambow’s innovative products to the US.

The Seneca line of hunting products from Air Venturi is proud to have Steambow products expand its family into even more hunting markets in the USA and Canada.  To acknowledge this fusion between high pressure air and archery, the Sen-X archery product line was born.

Now, without further ado, what makes a Sen-X Steambow product so innovative?  Check out the video below.