The Hunter.  The Game.  The Seneca.

Established in 2016, Air Venturi’s Seneca line offers airgunners some of the most finely crafted airguns on the market today. With classic styling that recalls the golden age of hunting, the Senecas are the definition of hunting airguns.

Built for those at home on the trail, most Seneca airguns are chambered in larger bore .357, .45, and .50 calibers that bring serious firepower to your longest hunts. Seneca airguns feature unprecedented ammo flexibility with airguns that shoot a variety of rounds including large bore pellets, BB shotshells, and the revolutionary Air Bolt by Air Venturi.  With etched actions, superbly crafted hardwood stocks, and stunning attention to detail, you’ll be in love the first time you look down the sights.

Dragon Claw Air Rifle

The workhorse of the Seneca line, the Dragon Claw is one of the most powerful and versatile PCPs ever created!  This Dragon spits fire with its .50 pellets achieving speeds as high as 680 fps and 230 fpe knockdown power. The Dragon Claw keeps on giving with the ability to shoot .50 caliber Air Bolts and launch arrows downrange at speeds up to 500 fps.

Featuring a laser etched Monte Carlo hardwood stock and engraved metal receivers, the Dragon Claw wouldn’t look out look out of place hanging over a lodge fireplace. Its adjustable rear sights and 11mm dovetail rail give airgun hunters options for their preferred sights.  Available in your choice of single (244cc) or dual cylinders (500cc) this mighty PCP will be turning heads for years to come.

Wing Shot II Air Shotgun

The first air shotgun worthy of the title, the Wing Shot Air Shotgun delivers on its ability to send shot downrange in a hurry.

This PCP has classy looks on the outside, but its ammo versatility is the real beauty here. Fill up the 244cc cylinder and unscrew the barrel choke to send .50 cal round or flat nose rounds downrange at speeds up to 760 and fpe over 245!  As a shotgun, this powerful PCP sends No. 8 shot out at an astounding 1130 fps with a consistent spread of 12” at 20 yards!

Last, but certainly not least–load up your Wingshot with the Air Bolt and launch arrow bolts so accurately you risk “Robin Hooding” your own arrows. The new and improved version of the Wingshot features an innovative full length ventilated rib for quickly sighting moving targets.  LEARN MORE

Double Shot PCP Air Shotgun

Two big bore barrels stacked side by side provides consistently-powered shots for a .50 caliber 1-2 punch! Utilizing a patent-pending air distributor, the Double Shot allows shooters to seamlessly perform a follow-up shot in less than 2 seconds.

Able to fire three different types of ammunition, the Double Shot uses a quick-select dial to switch effortlessly between barrels and is compatible with, No. 8 shotshells, .50 caliber ammo, or Air Venturi Air Bolts.  The Double Shot uses a 244cc cylinder to send shots downrange at speeds up to 1,130 fps. Shooters can load shotshells into the side-by-side double breach, while Air Bolts and .50 slugs can be shot by removing the choke at the end of each barrel. Each features a 2-stage adjustable trigger, integrated pressure gauge, and 5 consistent shots per fill.

Seneca Dragonfly Mk2 Multi-Pump Air Rifle

The Seneca® Dragonfly™ MK2 by Air Venturi® is a versatile, 6.5 Lbs, multi-pump pneumatic air rifle with groundbreaking technology that results in a 50% reduction in pumping effort compared to the original. The patented Butterfly High Efficiency Pump System not only provides this massive reduction in effort, but also ensures consistent pumping effort regardless of the number of pumps.