R7 Air Rifle

The Beeman R7 is proof that good things can come in small packages.  Small in size but big in value, the Beeman R7 has been referred to as the “Little R1”, and with good reason.  Other than its smaller size, there is very little that’s different between this two rifles, especially in regards to its powerplant.  Through a double-jointed cocking lever, the R7 brings shooters a dramatically reduced cocking effort—nearly half of the R1.  These attributes make the R7 an ideal airgun for smaller shooters, or anyone that values easy-cocking from their spring-pistons.

R9 Air Rifle

King of the Beeman spring-piston line, the R9 is an air rifle that’s destined for greatness on the range or your backyard.  Built for accuracy, this rifle’s German construction ensures you have a quality rifle, fit for small game hunting, pest elimination, peppering paper targets, and spinning soda cans.  For use in field target shooting, .177 is the best way to go, and for pest control choose the classic .20 caliber.