Black Bunker BM8

Don’t leave your survival to chance. Take control with the Black Bunker BM8 survival air rifle.

This innovative survival rifle ensures your preparedness for any situation. Available in .177 and .22, it’s an easy to cock gas ram that provides consistent shots with reduced noise. It folds into a convenient compact package with a waterproof case that can hold pellets and other supplies. It’s the perfect size for storing in a car trunk or bugout bag.

Black Bunker BM8 Folding Breakbarrel Pellet Rifle

The BM8 comes equipped with iron sights and a top Picatinny rail, if you prefer to add a scope, with additional side rails for accessories. It excels at small game hunting, thanks to its rifled barrel and gas ram powerplant that propels .177 pellets downrange up to 1200 feet per second and .22 pellets up to 1000 feet per second. 

The Black Bunker BM8 Breakbarrel Folding Rifle is a reliable and high-quality tool that combines functionality, portability, and safety for any survival situation.

  • Breakbarrel
  • Gas Piston
  • Max Velocity: 1200 (.177), 1000 (.22)
  • Iron Sights with Picatinny for Optics
  • Additional Accessory Rails