Air Venturi Targets

Here are targets Air Venturi launched in 2018!

Cowboy Action Diamond Gong Airgun Target

This ⅛” thick diamond shaped steel plate will be recognizable to SAA shooters everywhere.  Each hit provides a satisfying clang as it sends your BBs and pellets safely into the ground.

The Medusa

This Texas Star like challenge finds its roots in Greek Mythology, inspired by the dreaded Gorgon monster.  This resettable target lets you shoot down its 9 spinning “snakes” and reset them without leaving the bench.

Crazy Eights Target

A classic firearm target redesigned as the ultimate airgun target.  Hit all eight of the hanging paddles with a reaction you can see and hear. Once all eight are on the reset bar, shoot the release paddle to drop back into the action. Innovative locking legs keep the stand up during intense shooting sessions.

Dueling Tree Target

This target lets shooters go head-to-head against their favorite shooting partner in a contest of speed and accuracy.  Featuring eight target paddles, the first shooter to shoot down all four paddles on their side wins.