Air Arms S510 XS

Designed as the ultimate target shooter and small game hunter, the S510 XS keeps the gorgeous laminate stock of the original Sporter, except this time there are some new features under the hood.  The number one improvement is the addition of a regulator that will give you up to 44, 40, and 35 shots per fill (.177, .22, .25) on the enlarged 250 BAR (3,626 psi) cylinder.  Once fully-pressurized, the S510 XS can achieve speeds of up to 1,035 fps in .177, 948fps in .22 and 817fps in .25–which equates to whopping 44 ft-lbs of knockdown energy! Each of these rifles includes an adjustable power wheel for finding a balance between shot count and the power you need for hunting small game.  Each XS includes an integrated Q-Tec suppressor and an adjustable 2-stage trigger.