TSD Airsoft

One of the first manufactures to get serious about airsoft production, TSD has been providing skirmishers with airsoft guns an ammo to dominate the battlefield.  Here at Air Venturi, we manage the largest supply of TSD airsoft guns, rifles, and BBs on the web.  Renowned for their accessible inventory, TSD provides airsoft shooters with guns that provide a gateway for new shooters into the world of airsoft.

Tactical SD703B Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The TSD Tactical SD703B airsoft sniper has you covered for the suppressive firepower needed to advance your squad on the battlefield. This sniper is made with a mix of metal and ABS plastic parts. The barrel, trigger guard, trigger, bolt and magazine are metal and the stock is made with durable ABS plastic material. This blend of components gives the gun a realistic weight that will be easy to carry for lengthy skirmishes. Each features tactical rails for mounting optics and accessories.

Tactical SD94 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Keep your fireteam covered with the help of the reliable TSD Tactical SD94 sniper rifle. A mix of metal and ABS plastic components, and this combination of materials gives the gun a robust feel without restricting range of motion during intense airsoft missions. Shot velocities range from 440-450 fps using .20g BBs and the monolithic top & side Weaver/Picatinny rails let you mount flashlights, scopes and red dot sights for enhanced accuracy and fast target acquisition.

TSD Zombie Killer Spring Revolver 6″ Barrel

Practice your tactical training for a zombie apocalypse with the TSD Zombie Killer Spring Airsoft Revolver. This revolver is an airsoft replica of the signature weapon of one of TV’s most famed zombie slayers.

The Zombie Killer is a six gun that uses the hammer to cock the spring.  Cock the hammer back each time to launch BBS downrange at 240 fps. If you’re looking for a sidearm for skirmishing, or just some plinking fun, take aim and fire away!