Air Venturi to Release World’s First Frangible BB Ammo


CLEVELAND, OHIO (January 3, 2018)  Air Venturi, the leading manufacturer and importer of airgun, airsoft, and ammunition brands, is proud to announce the release of the revolutionary Dust Devil BBs, the world’s first frangible .177 caliber BB.  Dust Devils shoots 10% faster than traditional steel BBs and shatter on impact with hardened targets for dramatically less ricochets and an overall safer round.

“Made right here in the USA, this new patent pending ammo is designed for dynamic shooting sessions where shooters don’t have to worry about ricochet,” says Paul Milkovich, Air Venturi’s Director of Business Development. “While frangible ammo has been popular with firearm shooters for decades, Air Venturi is the first company to produce a BB that leaves ricochets in the dust.  Dust Devils are BBs perfected and we’re sure backyard plinkers and indoor shooters will take notice.”

Dust Devil BBs fit in any air gun that accepts BBs and disintegrate into tiny fragments that safely crumble and fall, instead of sending rounds bouncing back at the shooter.  Its proprietary blend of special alloys create a round that shoots 10% faster and is completely lead-free. Adding to Air Venturi’s wide assortment of airguns, airsoft, and ammunition, Dust Devil BBs will be available beginning in March 2018.