Avenge-X Modular PCP Air Rifle

Introducing the Avenge-X modular air rifle. High-end modularity at an affordable price with performance unmatched by anything else in its class.
Get the style and functionality you want every time you pick up your gun, no matter what the task is.

AvengeX Modular regulated PCPO air rifle

Change the style, caliber and air source as needed, in just minutes!

– Need a classically styled .177 for target shooting and small pests? Done.
– Need a bullpup in .22 to go after squirrels in the woods with? Done.
– Need a tactical .25 to shoot longer distances from the bench? Done.

The Avenge-X platform features an externally adjustable regulator, hammer spring AND transfer port to allow for even more tuning possibilities than our entry level Avenger. Whether you are looking to shoot all day off of a single fill, or want to send your projectiles downrange at blazing speeds and energies, the Avenge-X is built to do it all. Even if the modularity doesn’t excite you, the tunability, quality and overall performance of these rifles is sure to get your attention.

AvengeX Modular regulated PCPO air rifle stats

Eight different configurations are available to suit the needs of any shooter!