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Air Venturi Wing Shot II air shotgun

Wing Shot II
Wing Shot

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Use as a shotgun to hunt upland and small game; hunt larger game as a slug gun.

It's the best of both worlds!
Accurate Shotgun

Accurate Shotgun

Get 12"x12" spread accuracy at 20 yards.

Velocity: 1130 fps
Energy: 360 fpe

Powerful Rifle

Powerful Rifle

This smoothbore .50 caliber allows you to hunt predators, hogs and even trophy whitetail at up to 30 yards!

Velocity: 760 fps
Energy: 235+ fpe

Variety of Ammo

Variety of Ammo

Uses .50 caliber slugs or
.50 caliber shotshells filled
with #6 or #8 shot. Empty shotshells available to

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Wing Shot Review

If you were on the fence about this gun before, watch this review and you’ll come around.

Dove Hunting with the Wing Shot

Jim Chapman, professional airgun hunter, and Rossi Morreale, host of American Airgunner, have put the new Air Venturi Wing Shot through the ringer. And guess what? The claims are TRUE! Watch to see how this air shotgun can take down winged game.

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