New Airgun Products


Fills just as fast as the Nomad III
Adjustable fill pressures up to 4500 PSI with auto shutoff
Maintenance Free
Dual Cooling Fans
110V, 220V or 12V capable
Perfect for filling PCP guns at home or in the field

RovAir Fill times: Diana Stormrider (100cc) 0-3000 PSI – approx. 2:50 min
Benjamin Marauder (215cc) 0-3000 PSI – approx. 5:55 min
Air Venturi Avenger (180cc) 0-4350 PSI – approx. 7:15 min
Airforce Texan CF (475cc): 0-3625 PSI – approx. 13:30 min
FX Impact M3 Sniper (580cc) 0-3625 PSI – approx. 16:05 min


Fills 15% Faster than previous model
Adjustable fill pressure up to 4500 PSI with auto shutoff
New and Improved output filter
Water cooled
Perfect for filling your carbon bottles and PCP guns

Krypton Fill times:
100 cu in tank from 0 – 4500 psi in 18:45 min
74 cu ft tank from 0 – 4500 psi in 47 min
98 cu ft tanks from 0 – 4500 psi in 1 hr 16 min

Approximate fill times: